March 9, 2013

Diary of an Exorcist - Protection Against Jinns and Black Magic

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Detailed lecture on real life first-hand accounts of Jinn possession and methods of protection against Jinns & Devils. Some of the things covered in this Lecture:

Is ruqyah from the teachings of Muhammad (?) and what is the Proof?

Signs of possession?

When is it required to do ruqyah on someone?

How and when do the jinn enter someone's body?

Who should we rely on to do the ruqyah?

Who does the jinn stay away from and what is it that protects them?

15 ways to protect yourself from jinns and devils and evil eye?

Why does ruqyah not have an effect on certain people?

What are the incorrect forms of ruqyah?

Black magic and those behind it.

Is striking and beating the jinn out of people allowed?

What is evil eye and the Proof of evil eye in the Quran and hadiths?

Signs of evil eye?

How to prevent yourself from doing evil eye on someone?

Can a non-Muslim give you evil eye?

What should you do if you know the person who has done evil eye on you?
Abu Ibraheem Husnayn is from Birmingham UK. He spends much of his time in given Dawah to the youth and is also a Exorcist (Raqi)


The Chosen One
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