December 27, 2012

Redemption Day

December 27, 2012 by Slave of Allah | post Link to this posting

In the Name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate...

We are an Ummah chosen by Allah to spread His message across this land, not by picking and choosing our deen and arguing about nitty-gritty details, but to be Islam, to be this message, to live it in a way that leaves the admirer speechless. It is dire that we understand that we must stop dwelling about the minor details such as how long my beard is or how tight my hijab is or whether my pants should be to my ankles or my shins, these are things that should be there to perfect the deen, to finish it. We are not ready as an Ummah to argue about such things, because we are still not strong enough in our faith on the inside, these things come afterwards. Your Iman or faith is number one and it must be completely unshakable and if it is you will start to really realize the things that are happening around you. The destruction and chaos across the Ummah is startling and horrifying, but still we sit and argue about how short our nails should be…Shame on us!

We must rise up and make it a mission to change ourselves so that we can become the people that Allah intended us to be…Strong, diligent, speak for justice and have love for all of mankind. Love all the things that Allah created for you and for me. Be thankful, don’t be ungrateful. We need to wake up and hopefully the words of this presentation will help us to understand that this is not it, we have to go somewhere else after this and we better have the right answers. When we face these innocent faces through the face of our Allah in the hereafter, we better have the Iman to face Him and say that we tried to do something about our situation and learned from our errors. That we were humane…

Will you be on the train to Heaven?


The Chosen One
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